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WP6 - Project Synthesis

Leader Astrid Ogilvie (SAI)); Co-leader: Yongqi Gao (NERSC).

All Project Participants; IC: RRU, UiT.

The synthesis work package is designed to: i) Harvest the principal scientific findings of ARCPATH, and to generate new cross-cutting insights and concepts; ii) Explore the policy and action relevance of these findings; iii) Mobilize the knowledge generated (to the academic community, policy-makers, practitioners, NGOs, the media and the general public); and iv) Identify lessons learned as well as remaining gaps in knowledge and directions for future research. The package workplan will begin with a meeting of all participants to develop terms of reference and parameters for data collection and criteria for synthesis. Unlike other international collaborative projects, we shall not wait until the end of the project to synthesise and identify the significant joint findings, meanings and significance of those findings. Rather, synthesis will be built into data collection. Early identification of gaps in the records and consistency of approach will ensure better analysis and mobilization of knowledge produced by the project. We also plan to have annual project meetings to ensure that emerging findings are commensurable, to explore inconsistencies and contradictions, as well as areas of agreement and to identify remaining gaps in the records.